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Don't Forget to Breathe by Melinda HarrisDon’t Forget to Breathe
by: Melinda Harris
Published: 10/16/2013
Published by: Triple “S” Publishing
Source: Copy from Author for Honest Review
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For most, breathing is second nature, automatic, instinctive. But for Jules Greene, a daily reminder is unfortunately necessary.

Why, you ask?
For starters, her highly dysfunctional family taught her at a young age that an excessively large bank account, and a high ranking role in Atlanta society, makes everyone either completely unsuspecting of a family’s deep, dark secrets, or they just don’t give a damn.
Secondly, when you work hard your entire life toward a certain goal, only to have your hopes and dreams smashed to bits the very first time you dare to put yourself out there…well, Jules knows firsthand that a blow like that to the ego will definitely leave you gasping for air.
And third, Jules happens to be madly, hopelessly, unrequitedly in love with her boss, whose devastatingly good looks and hidden charm manage to leave her breathless on a daily basis.
So, there you have it.
But now at twenty-four, Jules is tired of everything being one-sided. She’s tired of being scared, and she’s tired of living and doing everything for everyone else. Jules is finally ready to take a stand, but is she willing to lose everything she loves, everything she’s ever known, to finally start living her life on her own terms?

The answer is yes. She most certainly is.



My Review


I freaking LOVED this story.. It’s not your typical secretary in love with her boss story.. I know it might SEEM like that in the opening pages and the first few chapters – but take my word that it turns into so much more. This is the first book I have read by Melinda Harris and I can honestly say I am nowhere near disappointed.


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